Moleris is an emerging pharmaceutical company.

Moleris life sciences is a rapidly-expanding pharmaceutical company with a reputation for quality products and outstanding client service.

Moleris improves the lives of people by providing them rapid market access to innovative healthcare products from around the world. We do this through our wide network, strong expertise across key therapeutic areas, proven brand and sales know how, to insightful experience.

Moleris provides high quality products at an affordable prices that satisfies medical needs. At Moleris, we are looking at new ways of thinking, new ways of working and new ways to touch people’s lives.

Our Products

Quality Excellence goes beyond compliance. It’s an assurance of quality care


Innovation Excellence is unleashed when ideas are spurred by action, making the impossible happen

NCE research

The Company has expanded operations by building further on already existing set-up by investing in new premises


Biological products include a wide range of products such as vaccines,allergenics, somatic cells, gene therapy, tissues etc...


The most effective and safe way to protect children from contagious diseases is by vaccination.

What Doctor Says

So very accommodating! They were able to get me my workmen’s compensation medication just as I requested. I would definitely recommend Moleris. So far so good!

Ruthann C. Heart-specialist

I cannot believe how fast I received my workmen’s compensation prescription card. So very convenient for me. Moleris is the best! Everything is great with Moleris!

David Matin Surgeon

Finally a pharmacy that I can be happy with. I received my Moleris workmen’s compensation card in the mail very quickly. The process at Moleris is streamed lined. Very efficient.

Massa F. Neurologist